Top Ten Countries Exporting the Most Oil in the World


Top Ten Countries Export the Most Oil

(who exports the most oil in the world) (which country produces the most oil per day) Generally the useful meanings of oil contain chemical products classes which could be otherwise irrelevant in structures, qualities and usage. The Oils may be from animals, veggie or petrochemical in source, and may be volatile/non volatile. Oils after exports are taken in usage for foods, energy purposes, oiling, and the production of paint, plastic materials and other stuffs.

The statistics can be gone via the 2012 by nation, area and professional team (OECD, OPEC) for two hundred and nineteen nations such as complete and raw oil productions, oil intake, natural gases productions and usage, fossil fuel formations and uses, power creation and electricity, main power, power strengths, CO2 pollutants and imports and exports for all energy sources.

The following record of oil productions by nations by oil exports depends on The World’s Fact book and other Resources. Here it could be observed that several nations which also imports oil and some exports larger oil than they import. Non sovereign organizations are detailed in italics.

List of Top Ten Countries which Produces Most Oil

No. Name of Country Date of Info Oil Export in bbl per day Oil Export in bbl per day (2014 year)
1. Saudi Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia 2017 7,635,000 8,865,000
2. Russia.svgRussia 2015 5,010,000  7,201,000
3. United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates 2014 2,395,000 2,595,000
4. NorwayNorway 2014  2,184,000  1,684,000
5. IraqIraq 2015  2,170,000  2,235,000
6. Kuwait.svgKuwait 2016  2,127,000 2,414,000
7. NigeriaNigeria 2016  2,102,000  2,254,000
8. Canada.svgCanada 2015  1,929,000 1,576,000
9. United States.svgUnited States 2017  1,920,000 1,920,000

Q: Which Country Exports the Most Oil?

Ans: According to estimations and after deep calculations it is founded that the KSA (Saudi Arabia) is the world’s country which exports the most oil and approximately its oil production is 10.3 million barrels/day. KSA simply the Saudi Arabia is the main Islamic country and it is exporting its oil throughout the world.


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