Top 10 Countries with Child Labor


Which Countries have Child Labor | Top 10 Countries that have Child Labor

Child labor represents the career of children in any perform that deprives children of their child years, inhibits their capability to be present at frequent university, and that is psychologically, actually, culturally or fairly risky and dangerous. Child labor in the description can be asked as the full-time career of Child’s who are under the lowest lawful age. This information on is regarded as exploitative by several worldwide organizations in various countries.

During the Commercial Trends in the past, even the Child as younger as four were applied in manufacturing industries with risky and often critical, operating circumstances. Based on this knowledge of the use of children as laborers, it is now regarded by rich nations to be an individual privilege breach and is banned, although there are also fewer countries in the world that miserably allow this sinful act of child labor.

The ILO (International Labor Organization) indicates hardship is the biggest single cause behind child labor. For poor houses, earnings from a Child’s perform is usually essential for his or her own successor for that of the family. Income from workers Child’s, however, is lower, but this could be b/w the twenty-five to forty percent of these family earnings.

In many societies, particularly where casual economic systems and little family companies flourish, the social custom is that Child’s adhere to in their parents’ footsteps.

 List of Top Ten Countries with Child Labor

Rank Country Name Percentage (10-14 age) Total no.
1.  Mali Mali 51.14   726,000
2.  Bhutan Bhutan  51.10  136,000
3.  Burundi Burundi  48.50  445,000
4.  Uganda Uganda 43.79   1,343,000
5.  niger Niger 43.62   609,000
6.  Burkina Faso Burkina Faso  43.45  686,000
7.  Ethiopia Ethiopia  42.45  3,277,000
8.  Nepal Nepal  42.05  1,154,000
9.  Rwanda Rwanda 41.35   413,000
10.  Kenya Kenya 39.15  1,699,000 

Q: Which Country has the Most Child Labor in the World?

Ans: Unfortunately the “Mali” is the country that has the most Child Labor in the world. In Mali there are about 726,000 children are working as labor, which is approximately 10-14 years old and are 51.14 percent.


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