Top 10 Countries that Eat the Most Ice Cream


Which Country Consumes the Most Ice Cream in the World Annually

(What part of the country eats the most ice cream per capita) It’s really a wondered thing regarding the country which takes in the most of the Ice Cream in the world. It’s a note able thing that due to world’s intake and manufacturing information data is hard to obtain, the order can be discussed and revised.  This is partially because of modifications in techniques of confirming. Although, one thing is sure that no matter where you stay, it is a most enjoy full and tasty treats for most of the individuals. One can take the ideas and the lists of countries which use the most of ice cream. The people of New Zealand really like the ice cream similar to the lovers of America.  Traditionally, the New Zealand industry has been aggressive and exclusive, providing as a deserving competing for taking the most contents And with the approximated stats that every individual in New Zealand take in 23 liters of ice cream yearly. Aussies, also has not left behind from the New Zealand ice cream eaters, and approximately eighteen liters of ice cream is used by per eater yearly.

While as a fact Australia has created it’s on the Top Ten Listing of ice cream usage.  A heated environment is perfect for eating ice cream, after all.

Here is the list of Top Ten Countries which eats the most Ice Cream in the World:

Rank Country Comsumption Per Capita(2000) (Litres)
1. Australia.svgAustralia 13.7
2. United States.svgUnited States 13.7
3. New Zealand.svgNew Zealand 13.3
4. SwedenSweden 11.7
5. Ireland.svgIreland  10.2
6. DenmarkDenmark  9.3
7. IsraelIsrael  9.3
8. Canada.svgCanada  9.1
9. Finland.svgFinland  8.5
10. NorwayNorway  8.4


Q: Which Country Eats the Most Ice Cream in the World?

Ans: Australia is the country which eats the most Ice Cream in the world. Although it’s not an amazing totally that the Australia is the top ice cream consuming country in the world. As on a regular level, each American state takes in twenty six liters of ice cream every year.  And with the approximated data that ninety eight percent of Australia houses purchase ice cream.


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