Top Ten Beef Producing Countries in the World


Top 10 Beef Producing Countries in the World

(Top largest meat producing countries in the world) The term Beef is derived from the Latin word bōs, contrary to cow, that is from English Middle word “cou” (these two terms have the same meaning in Ind-European). When the Norman Conquest was finished, the French speaking nobles who decided Britain normally used France terms to make reference to the meats they were provided.

The Beef muscular meat could be cut into meal steaks, roasting or small rib. Few cuttings of Beef are prepared (corned beef or beef jerkins), and extras, usually combined with meat from mature, more lean livestock are chopped or used in sausages. The Beef is the 3rd most commonly usage meat on the globe, bookkeeping for approximately twenty five percent of meat production globally, after pork and chicken at thirty eight percent and thirty percent respectively. In overall figures, the U.S, Brazil and the Individuals Republic of China are the three biggest customers of beef in the world.

Mostly Beef is used in following forms:

  • Roasting
  • Griddle
  • Broiling
  • Barbecue
  • Grilling

Here is the formula that is taken under usage to figure out yield grade:

Basically the Beef is full of rich sources of proteins and nutrients i.e. iron, selenium, phosphorus and zinc oxide, and vitamins B. One type of Beef is “Red Meat” that is the highly important nutritional resource of carnitine and, like any other meat (pork, seafood, veal, lamb etc.) and it is a resource of creatine monohydrate.

Top Ten Beef Producing Countries in the World

No. Name of Country  Beef production (1000 MT CWE)
1.  United States.svgUnited States 11,789
2.  Brazil.svgBrazil 9,300
3.  European UnionEU-27 7,920
4.  ChinaChina 5,550
5.  Argentina.svgArgentina 2,800
6.  23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 2,760
7.  Australia.svgAustralia 2,075
8.  MexicoMexico 1,735
9.  Russia.svgRussia 1,260
10.  Pakistan.svgPakistan 1,250



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