Which Country has More Muslim Population in the World


Which Country has the Highest Muslim Population

(what country has the largest Muslim population on earth Today)Islam is the prevalent religious beliefs in the Central Eastern (Middle East), the Sahel, the Horn of African, North Africa, and few regions of Asia. Huge areas of Muslims are also there in Chinese, the Balkans, and Russian. Other areas around the globe host great Islamic immigrant’s community in Western European countries.

By the analysis of Pew Research Center there were 49 Muslim-majority nations in 2015. About 62% of the Muslims reside in South and South East Asia, more than 1 billion enthusiasts.

About 20% of Muslims reside in Arabic nations. In the Eastern center, the non-Arabian nations of Turkey and Iran are the biggest Muslim-majority nations; in Africa, The Egypt and Nigeria have the most populated Islamic areas. An investigation performed by the Pew Research Center during 2010 and launched Jan 2011 said in its findings that there are 1.62 billion Muslims all over the globe. The studies find more Muslims in the United Kingdom than in Lebanon and more in Chinese than in Syria. You can also find Top 10 Religions in the World.

List of Top Ten Highest Muslim Population

Rank Country Name Muslim Population % in World Capital City Approximately Population of Muslims
1. IndonesiaIndonesia 13.1  Jakarta 209,120,000
2. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 11  New Dehli  176,190,000
3. Pakistan.svgPakistan 10.5  Islamabad 167,410,000
4. Bangladesh.svgBangladesh 8.4  Dhaka 133,540,000
5. NigeriaNigeria 4.8  Abuja 77,300,000
6. EgyptEgypt  4.8  Cairo  76,990,000
7. Iran.svgIran 4.6  Tehran  73,570,000
8. 23px-Flag_of_Turkey.svgTurkey  4.5  Ankara  71,330,000
9. AlgeriaAlgeria 2.2  Algiers  34,730,000
10. MoroccoMorocco  2  Rabat  31,940,000


Q: Which Country has the Highest Muslim Population in the World?

Ans: The biggest Islamic inhabitants in a country are in Indonesia, a high-end country home to 12.7% of the World’s Muslims, followed by India (11.0%), Pakistan (10.9%), and Bangladesh (9.2%)


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