Top 10 Religions in the World


Approximately the eighty-six percent people of the world are following the religious, such as all their beliefs. There are so many countries in the world, where religious beliefs guide social activity and perform an essential part in everyday life. Religion is a structured selection of perception techniques, social techniques, and the world’s views that associate humankind to spiritual behavior and, sometimes, to ethical principles.

The on the second number Islam comes and taken as the greatly well-known Religion of the world. Islam as a religion is followed by about one billion followers. Some Islamic individuals ask for the reasons that there is really more Islamic fellowship than Religious believers. About one and half billion people relate to the Islam Religion.

However, it’s very interesting to know that there are about one billion people who don’t belong to any religion and it’s the 3rd highest percentage of people in Religion. And such people consider themselves to not consistently exercise any spiritual beliefs or religions. However, these believers are different than others such as agnostics. Atheists only signify a smaller part of the one billion people. And there are so many individuals are uncertain which religion is the right one for them, and also could have issues with structured spiritual beliefs generally.

Then Hinduism comes to 4th number and approximately nine hundred million individuals exercise the Hinduism. Confucianism which is sometimes known as China conventional religion and Buddhism is used by about 400 million individuals each. Natural and Africa conventional beliefs are used by approximately 300 million and 100 million believers, respectively.

List of Top Ten Religion in the World

No. Religions Percentage Members
1.  Christianity 33.0%  2.1 billion
2.  Islam    21%  1.5 billion
3.  Hinduism   14%  900 million
4.  Buddhism 6%  376 million
5.  Sikhism     0.36%  23 million
6.  Judaism     0.22%  14 million
7.  Bahaism   0.1%  7 million
8.  Confucianism  0.1%  6.3 million
9.  Jainism  0.1%  4.2 million
10.  Shintoism 0.0%  4 million

Q: Which Religion is the Top Religion in the World?

Ans: Christianity is the Top Religion of the World. And about the recommendations, there are presently about “2 billion” which is being followed by the Religious believers. And among these 50 percent includes the Catholics, and the major parts of other Religious beliefs include Protestants and Anglicans. And totally approximately thirty-three percent of those on the globe followed is Christianity in various forms.


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