Top Ten Oil Producing Countries in the World


Top 10 Largest Oil Producing Countries in the World

(Which Country of the World is Largest Oil Producer) Today the topic of discussion is the Oil Production. Everyone is aware with the needs of Oil as it is the most valuable useful and precious source of energies on the globe.Oil-Producer

Its demand and usage is improving as the days are passing. Its requirement is improving at maximum level throughout the world. Various elements are produced from raw oil, like Petrol and fuel etc. Production of Oil can be taken as the mixture of raw oil drums produced on regular basis via the exploration procedure. Number of countries has significantly impacted by the enhancements and improvements in the oil markets. In various countries oil is produced via a procedure that vary and sometimes similar.

Top Ten Largest Countries of Oil Production in the World

            In compliance to an calculate done by IEA during the end of 2011, sixty three percent of the globe’s complete oil outcome is acquired by the top ten biggest producing countries that are:

Rank Country Production output (Percentage)
1. Russia.svgRussia 10,730,000 12.65%
2. 23px-Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia 9,570,000 11.28%
3. United States.svgUnited States 9,023,000 10.74%
4. Iran.svgIran 4,231,000 4.77%
5. ChinaChina 4,073,000 4.56%
6. Canada.svgCanada 3,592,000 3.90%
7. IraqIraq 3,400,000 3.75%
8. United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates 3,087,000 3.32%
9. MexicoMexico 2,934,000 3.56%
10. Kuwait.svgKuwait 2,682,000 2.96%

Q:Which Country of the World is Largest Oil Producer?

Ans:Currently Russian is the largest Oil Producer country on the globe. As during the year of 2011 it has the total 12.65 % of the world oil production.


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