Top 10 Most Corrupt Country in the World


Which Country is the Most Corrupt Nation (Country) in the World

No doubt among the most serious and the significant issues and the disasters of any country Corruption is taken on the most high rankings on the globe, it could be of various types.

Corruption is at higher level almost in all the nations but this issue has distinction in its amount in different countries.Crime is frequent in every nation on the globe. Here is a record of all the Countries of the Globe which are highly corrupted. Among these countries searches have created it to this record, thanks to its corrupt political figures with unlawful income generating abilities. Within these nations of the whole world, briberies and corruptions are widespread. You can type this record of corrupted countries of the whole globe by any line to get the most results of these countries or least corrupt countries.


Q: Which country is the most corrupt country in the world.?

Ans:Ok! Now let’s answer our question, then it has been seen that in the recent years the Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world.

Among the nations there will be operate distinction just due to corruption if it removed from any single country then it is most innovative nation and is more innovative once.

Top Ten Corrupt Countries of the World

In 2013, a record of top ten most corrupted countries is introduced at the main side of the whole world. Position record is as follows:

Rank Country
1. Somalia
2. North Korea
3. Myanmar
4. Afghanistan
5. Uzbekistan
6. Turkmenistan
7. Sudan
8. Iraq
9. Haiti
10. Venezuela


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