Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in USA


For both aggressive and properties, criminal offenses decreased considerably in the last twenty years. Particularly the amount of aggressive criminal activity (murder, sexual assault, angry attack, and burglary) by 2012 had decreased to lesser than half rates of 1991 as seen from the statistics of the FBI information (from 758 aggressive criminal offenses per 100,000 People in America to 387). However, a disproportionately advanced degree of aggressive criminal activity still happens in largely booming towns, many of U.S.A’s big places experienced like the downwards styles.

There is a space for asking the complete of criminologists to describe the reason of this reduce and you will likely obtain a space complete of inconsistent solutions. From monitoring techniques and market styles to hardship levels and investments in group services, concepts are plentiful as to what issues lead to rises and falls in a city’s criminal activity amount.

No doubt, it’s a dilemma of specific issues for places with criminal activity positions which have stayed stubbornly great, despite the nationwide downwards pattern. The graph under reveals the 10 places along with the biggest aggressive criminal activity prices in the nation.

The numbers of the results are obtained from the FBI’s latest Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics and are rated by the site Law Street. It’s should be noted that some but not all of the places with the biggest aggressive criminal activities also distributed the suspicious difference of having among the biggest killing rates in the Country. Although the criminal activity reporting system provides the most specified set of U.S. criminal activity information, it does present some mathematical issues.

Rank Cities Name Crime Rate per100,000 people Population
1.   DETROIT, MICH   2122.91  707,096
2.  OAKLAND, CALIF   1993.31  399,487
3.   ST. LOUIS, MO  1,776.46  318,667
4.  MEMPHIS, TENN  1,750. 28  657,436
5.  STOCKTON, CALIF 1547.95  299,195
6.  BIRMINGHAM, ALA  31.42  213,266
7.  BALTIMORE, MD  1405.71  625,474
8.  CLEVELAND, OHIO  1,383.76  393,781
9.  ATLANTA, GA  1379.05  437,041
10.  MILWAUKEE, WIS 1294.47  599,395

Q: Which is the Most Dangerous City of the U.S.A?

Ans: Unfortunately the DETROIT, MICH is the City which is the most dangerous city in the U.S.A. It has about the Violent Crime Rate of 2122.91 per 100,000 people. While the Total Population of the city is 707,096.


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