Top 10 Countries Using Geothermal Power


Countries Using Geothermal Power in the World

Geothermal energy power is an energy which is generated from geothermal sources. There are so many technologies in usage which consist of plants of steam power in dry form, flash power plants using steam, and binary cycle energies generating Geothermal power. Geothermal energy power generation is presently in use in twenty-four countries. While the heating process via Geothermal is in use in approximately seventy countries. The IGA (International Geothermal Association) has mentioned that 10,715 megawatts (MW) of geothermal power in these twenty-four countries are working properly, which is predicted to produce 67,246 GWh of Electric Energy in 2010.

The Geothermal Power industry of the world is growing significantly this year. Although, in the United States, the globe’s biggest production of geothermal power, growth has bogged down. However, most of the improvements are occurring in Eastern African countries, Central America, and Asia, driven by economical development in creating markets and increasing energy requirements as those communities improve.

With respect to the Geothermal Energy Association’s “2012 Worldwide Marketing Overview Reports,” Kenya now produces over 8 times more geothermal electrical energy (202 megawatts, or MW) than does the globe’s leading power consumers, while china is 24 MW of geothermal electricity. All with its position in the Eastern African Rift System, Kenya is rich in prospective geothermal power. And the increasing inhabitants in Eastern African areas have enhanced the demands for alternative power solutions i.e. Geothermal, to assists guarantee future power security.

List of Top Ten Countries Using Geothermal Power

There are so many nations that are creating large and previously low competition high-temperature sources of geothermal power to reduce their exposure to the price movements of non-renewable fuels. According to the “Geothermal Energy Association’s”, it needs many more specialists to back up the technology required to create geothermal electrical power energy.

Rank Country Name Total Capacity MW National Production %
1.  United States.svg USA   3389 0.3
2.  Philippines.svg Philippines  1894  27.0
3.   Indonesia 1333  3.7
4.  Mexico Mexico 980  3.0
5.  Italy.svg Italy 901  1.5
6.  New Zealand.svg New Zealand 895  13.6
7.  Iceland Iceland  664  30.0
8.  Japan.svg Japan 537  0.1
9.  Kenya Kenya 215  11.2
10.  Costa Rica Costa Rica 208  14.0

Q: Which country produces the Most Geothermal Power in the World?

Ans: Like the many other success in the many fields of sciences the U.S is the country which produces the most Geothermal Power in the world. The United States has a capacity of about 3389 MW during the last year with 0.3 % total percentage of national production.



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