Which Country is the Founder of Apple Company

Founder of Apple Company
Founder of Apple Company

On 1st April 1976, it was established and integrated as Apple Pc, inc. While on Jan 3, 1977. Tasks, Ronald John and Steve Wozniak were the creators of Apple. Its areas of markets are succeeded in the whole globe. The Apple inc. is an American Organization and its main office is situated in Cupertino, California. No doubt this company is the globe’s third-biggest IT builder by income after New Samsung Electronic devices and the 3rd biggest cell phone manufacturer after the Nokia and Samsung. In compliance to calculate during last year, it managed over 394 suppliers in 14 countries.

Mac Systems, I Life development, PC’s, I Pad’s Products Computers, I Pad’s, I Phone’s, I OS’s, I Pod’s Music Players and Apple TV’s are the main designs and the selling products of this company.

Q: Which Country is the Founder of Apple Company?

Ans: The USA (United States of America) established the Company of Apple that has became the 3rd biggest cell phone building and marketing company after the 1st and 2nd numbers of New Samsung and Nokia.


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