Which Country has the Cheapest Currency in the World


Which Country has the Lowest Currency Value in the World

(Which Country Has the Lowest Currency Exchange Rate) Currency is known as a term which is use for the specific nation regarding the systems of money for common usage., In compliance to an calculate, On 1st March 2013 a record of 42 nations was ready that have the most affordable respected foreign exchange concerning the currencies on the globe. The currency is opposed to U.S.D (United Declares Dollar). Various countries have various foreign exchanges with variations in their principles and values.


However till the end of 2007 April, Dollar of Zimbabwean was the cheapest and lowest on the globe. Hence Zimbabwe revoked its formal currency and started the use of United States Dollar and Rand of Southern Africa. Here in this interesting info’s we also want to mention that Zimbabwean current currency, the dollar of Zimbabwe, was consistently revoked on 12 Apr 2009, and is also not involved on this record. The Zambian kwacha was rebased 1000:1 on Jan 1, 2013 and is thus no longer on this record.

Top Ten Current Least Valued Currency Per Units

Currency Country Exchange Rate Per Dollar
Riel CambodiaCambodia 3,999.00
Guarani ParaguayParaguay 4,639.27
Franc Guinea-BissauGuinea 6,980.50
Kip LaosLaos 8,030.92
Rupia IndonesiaIndonesia 12,140.13
Manat TurkmenistanTurkmenistan 14,262.00
Dobra Sao Tome and PrincipeSao Tome and Principe 17,783.13
Dong Vietnam.svgVietnam 21,072.13
Rial Iran.svgIran 24,863.90

Q: Which Country has the Cheapest Currency?

Ans: At the current moment Iran has the most cheap and low Forex worth of currency in the developed or the developing countries of the world.It is situated in Asia’s Western side that is taken as the Eighteenth biggest nation on the globe by its areas. Its inhabitants are estimated as 750 hundred thousand. Its biggest locality is taken as Tehran that is also the Capital of Iran. The Persian is the formal terminology. Its GDP is $9902.19 million. Iranian Rial is the main currency which is used officially in the whole country.


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