Top 10 Countries With Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rates


List of Countries with the Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rate

Teenage maternity is Pregnancy in human women when they are under 20 years of age during the period when the maternity finishes. A pregnancy could take position in a pubertal women even earlier the menarche (the first monthly period/menstrual time), that alerts the chance of fertility, but commonly happens after menarche. In well-healthier teenagers, menarche commonly happens during the age of 12 or 13 years.


Pregnant girls under 20 years of age face numerous of the similar problems as other women. However, there are some more meditation issues for moms older under 15. For moms older 15–19, threats are with them more regarding social and economic aspects other than with the scientific effects of age. Although, analysis has revealed threats of low births weight, early work, anemia (lowering in the RBC’s), and per-eclampsia are linked with the biological age itself.US-Teenage-Birth-Rate

In western world (developed countries), pregnancy during teenagers are mostly concerned with social problems, such as un education in girls, increased number of poor, and other lesser living outcomes in kids of teenage moms. Teenage maternity in developed nations is commonly outside of wedding, and provides asocial judgment in many areas and societies.

U.S has 494357/ year births in a teenage.

Drawbacks of Teenage Pregnancy experienced by Teen Mothers

•           50% teenagers do not think regarding the complications that could impact their lifestyles.

•           Kids born\ by teenager mother are so sluggish and they do not give good results in their study profession in comparison to the kids of old and adult mothers.

•           There are several medical factors for both of them i.e. mother and recently born kid.

Top 5 Countries of the World with Highest Teenage Pregnancy Rate

Rank Country Births Per Year
1. United States.svg United States 4,94,357
2.  Poland.svgPoland 30,413
3.  Germany.svgGermany 29,000
4.  Canada.svgCanada 19,920
5.  France.svgFrance 17,985

Recommendation : There should be some actions to stop and reduce the  unolder ladies maternity. There should be improved an attention to prevent it as much as possible.

By the results of an analysis it was found according to which pregnancy rate per ten hundred women older 15 to 19 years. Various genuine and confirmed resources revealed that in the world the USA is the country having the biggest pregnancy number in teenagers.

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