Which Country has most Powerful Currency


Which Country Currency is more Powerful in the World

(Top Ten Highest (powerful) currency in the world) In a formal way a Currency can be defined as the formal cash money value which a nation will function with other foreign countries. For best assessing of the strongest currency of the world the team of https://nokriweb.com had a look at the Market of Forex for finding that which currency offers the most attentions.

While dealing with the Markets of Currency Exchange then there are about three main Foreign Exchange Markets on the globe i.e. in the United States of America, European countries and in Asia. Here are the stats of currencies which are exercised from the combined attention off all the 3 market places which a currency exchanges done.

Below are the stats of the top ten most powerful Currencies on the globe, as calculated by %age of the Foreign Trade Market:

1)      Norwegian Krone:Norwegian Krone

Foreign Trade %age: 1.5 percent.

Exchange rate in comparison to US $: 1=$0.16

During the following years has seen a growth in the demand for raw oil which only keeps this currency powerful in the foreign exchange.

2)      Hong Kong Dollar:Hong Kong Dollar

Foreign Trade %age: 2 percent.

Exchange rate in comparison to US $: 1=$0.12

Hong Kong sees a lot of international trading with Southern Eastern China and this keeps its Dollar strong.

3)      Swedish Krone:Swedish Krone

Foreign Trade %age: 2 percent.

Exchange rate in comparison to US $: 1=$0.15

Sweden Currency and Foreign Exchange comes under the highly stable financial systems on the globe and so it is so surprising thing that Swedish Krone should attain some attention.

4)      Canadian Dollar:Canadian Dollar

Foreign Trade %age: 4 percent.

Exchange rate in comparison to US $: 1=$0.97

The durability of the Canadian Dollar are too much connected to the products market places i.e. gold and silver, nutrient and raw oil; hence it usually has the option as currency trading of business in current areas.

5)      Australian Dollar:Australian Dollar

Foreign Trade %age: 4 percent.

Exchange rate in comparison to US $: 1=$0.92

In the year of 2011, on sailing its value and getting exchange powers, the Australia currency has rapidly become well-known between the exchangers of currency.

List of Top Ten Currencies in the World (6-10)

(Foreign Trade %age)

No. Currency Exchange Rate Vs U.S $
6. Swiss Franc 1=$1.06 (6%)
7. British Pound 1=$1.53 (17%)
8. Japanese Yen 1=$0.01 (20%)
9. The Euro 1=$1.32 (37%)
10. US Dollar 1=$1 (90%)



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