Top Ten Tea Producing Countries


Which Country Grows The Most Tea

Basically, a Tea is a fragrant drink generally formed by flowing hot or steaming water over treated simply leaves of the tea plant. The botanical name of the Tea is “Camellia sinensis”. And when the water is ready it is mixed with it to make it ready. Tea is the most widely drunken drink on the globe. It has a cooling, a little bit nasty, and astringent taste which many people love.

Primarily a Tea is among the most popular and cheapest drinks on the globe, next only to water. Tea is used by a variety of age groups in all levels of society. More than three billion glasses of tea are drunk daily on a worldwide level. Tea is considered to be a part of the large global drink industry, not to be seen in solitude just as a “commodity”.

African, South America, the Near Eastern and especially the oriental areas is a center of a variety of herbal tea, this, together along with popularity in the international markets for top quality, has led to Asia enjoying a share of every publishing industry on the globe. World tea productions have increased by greater than three percent to reach an approximated 3.6 million tones in 2006.

The development was all because of historical plants in China with 1.05 million tones an improvement of nine and a half percent over the history established in 2005. Similarly a historical perspective of twenty-eight percent improvement in outcomes found in Viet Nam which pulled Tea Production up to 133,000 of tones.

List of Top Ten Countries

Rank Country The total value of Export 1000 U.S Dollars
1.  Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 1,476,881
2.  Republic of China.svg China, mainland  965,080
3.   India 867,143
4.  Kenya Kenya  858,250
5.  United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom 262,959
6.  Germany.svg Germany 229,383
7.  Vietnam.svg Vietnam 204,018
8.  United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates  191,814
9.   Indonesia 166,717
10.  Poland.svg Poland 139,393


Q:  Which Country is the Largest Tea Producer in the World?

Ans: Sri Lanka is the country that is producing the World most of the Tea. With estimations, the Total Export Value 1000 US $ of the Tea in Sri Lanka is about 1,476,881. While China, the mainland is on the second number.


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