Top 10 Countries With Largest Christian Population


Top 10 Countries Having the Largest Christianity Religion

A present extensive study surrounding greater than 200 countries revealed which are greater than 33 hundred million supporters out of the complete seven immeasurable populations across the world. Currently, in the Twenty first millennium Christian religion is regarded the most important religious values across the world. So it is the religious values having the one third of the entire global population all over the entire world.

Further it has three main categories of Religious believers of Christians which are being followed in various countries. It could also be called as Christianity is separated into following types which are Catholic, Protestantism and Eastern Orthodox.

Among all 3 categories Catholic is the greatest type following into the different countries around the world. Approximately a millennium ago western nations were regarded the base of Christian Religious believers in comparison to other areas although now just 26% followers are present in the European countries so presently America is regarded the main home of Christian community throughout the world with greater than 37% worshipers.

Christians are extensive believers that’s why it couldn’t be determined which nation is the main center of Christianity, and from the results of researches it is seen that more of the percentage of this religion people are living in the below six countries.


  1. China is formally identified as Individuals’ Republic of china that is the great booming nations all over the entire globe with greater than 1,349,585,838 Christianity followers.
  2. India appears on the second no. in the record of our research having the largest Christian approximately more than 1,220,800,359 Christians are present in India.
  3. USA is among those countries of the world which is quickest growing economically here the Christians community is the major religious values all with greater than 316, 668,567 followers.
  4. Indonesia is formally identified as the Republic of Indonesia that is the most important Islamic nation across the world. The Christian’s number is the second biggest religious in this country hence in it appears at fourth rank with the believers are paying attention to the catholic values.
  5. Brazil formally identified as Federative Republic of Brazil that has population from the results of 2013 demographics was measured 201032714 from which 201,009,622 individuals are catholic believers.
  6. Pakistan is formally called as Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as the name showing it is surely determined that Pakistan is the 3rd biggest Islamic nation across the world. And the 6th biggest nation with largest Christians.

Top Ten Countries Having the Largest Christianity Religion

Rank Country Population
1. ChinaChina 1,349,585,838
2. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 1,220,900,459
3. United States.svgUnited States 316, 668,567
4. IndonesiaIndonesia 1251,160,124
5. Brazil.svgBrazil 201032714
6. PakistanPakistan 193,238,868
10. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan 127,253,075

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