Pakistan Navy July 2020 Jobs




GENDER: Male/ Female Citizens of Pakistan (Female are eligible for vacancies at Sr # 1, 19 & 20 Only)

HEIGHT: 5•.4″ for male & 5′ for female (minimum)                                                                                                                          

AGE* : Sub / Lt upto 28 , Lt upto 32 & Lt Cdr upto 36 years as on 01-01-2021
QUALIFICATION : As mentioned below with minimum 70% marks/ equivalent CGPA or above

Sub/ It PN BS/BE/BBA/MBA (16 years)  
LT PN BS/BE/BBA/MBA (16 years) Minimum 3 years
MS/ M Phil/ MBA (18 years) 2- 5 years
LT CDR PN MS/ M Phil/ MBA Equivalent(18 years) Minimum 6 years
LT CDR PN PhD Preferred


  • Candidate with more than 10 years experience may be considered for higher rank.
  • Candidates with different disciplines at Graduation (16 years) and at Masters (18 years) level must have MS/ M Phil equivalence from HEC.                                                                                    
  • Validity of experience will be decided by PN Selection Board & seniority will be awarded accordingly
  • Self employment, free lancing and tuition etc will not be taken as experience.
  • Higher qualification/ experience will be preferred.
  • Experience should be verifiable through supporting documents / experience certificate from concerned Institutions / department
  • 18 years qualification (1.e MS/MBA/MPhil) should be In same discipline as that of BS/BE/BBA or any relevant sub discipline.
  • Age waiver may be granted depending upon experience/qualification/professional maturity etc


Lt Cdr/ Lt / Sub/ Lt Ph.D/MS/BE/BS in Electrical/Electronics, Embdded Systems, Computer Sciences. Software Engg. Networking. Database/information Security.
Digital Forensic
• Relevant experience in Data Forensic. Video and audio forensics, Development & Data extraction tools.
• Relevant experience in programming skills in C. C-. C sharp. VB. Java. Windows. Linux. Android, iOS & web based application, Big data and other IP Development domains.
• FPGA. DSP Micro Controllers. Firmware programming system/PCB design and other associated areas.
Lt  BS Aerospace/ Avionics 3-4 years experience in relevant field
Lt Cdr/Lt Ph D/MS/BE (Electrical/ Eleotronios)/ Aerospace/ Avionics Min 3 years experience (for BE only)
Lt M.So (Geophysics) Min 3 years experience (for 16 years Qualification)
Lt Cdr
LU Sub/Lt
PhD / MS (Mechanical)
MS / BS (Computer Science)/ BCS✓ BS (IT) / BS(SE)
Min 6 years experience in relevant field (for MS only)
• Experience in relevant field
• Experience in programming & developing GUI is mandatory for Computer Science
Lt Cdr PhD(Computer Science) Research work in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will be preferred.
Lt Cdr/ Lt MCS/MS (IT)/MS (IS)/ Equivalent Experience in relevant field
Lt Cdr  PhD (Information Security/Computer Science) Experience in relevant field
Experience in relevant field
Min 3 years Experience (for BE only)
• Quality Control experience in the hydraulic and pneumatic control field.
• Quality Control experience in HVAC. LVAC repairing field
• Preferably OSHAS Certified. & Lead Auditor Qualified
Lt Cdr PhD (CS/FT/IS)
Lt MS/ BE (Mechatronics)
LU Sub/Lt BE (Mechanical)
LU Sub/Lt BE (Ship Construction) Quality Control experience in Hull manufacturing, welding, cutting field, & OSHAS Certified. Preferably Lead Auditor Qualified.
Lt MS/ BE (Mechanical/Engineering Management) • Min 3 years experience in relevant field (for BE only)
• Control experience in the Marine engines repairing and overhauling field Preferably OSHAS Certified / QMS Specialized
Lt MBA/BBA (Finance)/MS Supply Chain • Min 3 years experience in relevant field (for 16 years qualification)
• Minimum 2 yrs in Management related field
• Minimum 3 yrs experience in corporate sector on supply chain / finance issues
Lt MS/MSC (Operations Research) or Management Sciences withOps Research as Major Subject • Min 3 years experience in relevant field (for 16 years qualification)
• Field of Operations Research/ Optimization techniques
Lt B.E (Civil Engineering) Minimum 3 years experience
Lt/ Sub/Lt MBA/BBA Teaching experience preferred
Sub/Lt MSc Statistics Teaching experience preferred
Lt/ Sub/Lt BS/MS Mathematics Crypto related subjects experience will be preferred
Teaching/research experience (CISSI? CRISC, ISA, CISMA etc may be preferred) Teaching/research experience (International Security Certifications may be preferred.)
Lt Cdr PhD Cyber Security(Cyber /Info Sec)
Lt Cdr/ Lt PhD/MS (Network Forensics)
Lt MS / MSc/ BS in Mass Comm/ Journalism/ IR/ DSS Media Sciences. DSS Literature Film production • Min 3 years Experience (for 16 year qualification)
• Working experience in digital channels / duties at media house assignment desk/Station Manager/ Programme Manager/Producer in a well reputed FM Rack Stations
Lt Cdr/ LU Sub/Lt MS in Biochemistry
BS in Cardiovascular Perfusion
Experience in relevant field will be preferred
Lt DVM (Doctor of Veterinary & Medicine) 4-5 years experience in relevant field with reputed organization


Following are ineligible:

  • Rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board:
    • Twice after Post Graduation
    • Twice before Post Graduation and once after Post Graduation.
    • Once before Post Graduation and twice after Post Graduation.
    • Twice screened out at ISSB
    • Dismissed/ removed/ resigned from Government Service,
    • Convicted by a court of law for offence involving moral turpitude
    • Declared Unfit by Appeal Medical Board.
    • Declared Unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by Appeal Medical Board (AMB).
    • Declared medically Unfit due to Hepatitis B&C (AMB cannot be requested).
    • Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college/ Institution on disciplinary grounds.
    • Withdrawn/ resigned/ dismssed from Armed Forces inclusive Academy/ Training Institutes on any ground.
    • Married to a Foreign National.
    • Submitting tampered academic certificates.
    • Concealment of information in the application form.
    • Candidates holding dual nationality unless they surrender the same prior to commissioning/ passing out or within period of six months of joining PN, whichever is earlier.
    • Note: Those who achieve even higher qualification i.e Ph.D./ equivalent are eligible for fourth chance. This chance is only applicable when there is requirement of Ph.D candidate


Entrance Test Date will be intimated by respective PNR&SC through SMS after
improvement in COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Entrance Test will be conducted in the following subjects.

  • Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test


  • Application forms will be issued to the candidates who are shortlisted in the Entrance Test, Preliminary medical and interview conducted at respective PNR & SC.
  • Only personality wise cleared candidates would be called for interviews with PN Selection Board.
  • *Medical Examination of Personality test recommended candidates will be arranged at the nearest CMH/Naval Hospital.
  • Personality Test will be conducted at respective PNR&SCs
  • Interview by PN Selection Board
  • Final Selection by Naval Headquarters on Merit


  • The Candidates are advised to get their ears/teeth cleaned from speciaist doctor before reporting for Medical examination.


  • Free medical treatment of Self, family & parents.
  • Family accommodation or house rent allowance & servant facility after marriage.
  • Opportunities for Visits/ courses/ assignments abroad.
  • 50% concession for self/ family on travelling by air/railway.
  • Subsidized education of children in Bahria colleges/ University & professional institutions.


  • Applications sent directly to Recruitment Directorate at Naval Headquarters will not be entertained.
  • Online registered candidates must bring original CNIC and registration slip on the day of entrance test. Candidates will not be permitted to carry their mobile phones and electronic gadgets during entrance test.



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