Top 10 Countries Producing Wind Energy


Which Countries Produce the Most Wind Energy

The globe was generating about 238 GW (Giga Watts) of total Energy using the wind as a power source as of the end of 2011, with the quickest developmental techniques in newer potential going on in Chinese and Indian. Most of the Wind Energy of the world have setups increased by 35,301 in the last year, providing complete setup potential up to 318,117 MW. And this Wind Energy covers the production of approximately 3 % of the globe’s current electrical power consumption, according to the WWEA (World Wind Energy Association).

With the combination of China country and Indian included greater than half of recently set up Wind energy during 2013 which has been noticed that the (Global Wind Energy Council). It was the second times in the year in a sequence that the Most of the Wind Energy potential development was covered with nations outside the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In the same time it seems as though that Most Wind Power in the United States is established to hit a stone wall in 2012, along with the Federal Wind Generation taxes credit because of end on Dec. 31 and no obvious governmental hunger for expansion during a controversial presidential competition. However, the conservative causes, in reality, are increasing a variety of Anti Energy initiatives.

Moreover, the total potential attaining 62,733 Megawatts during the 2011, China suppliers has by far the greatest Wind Energy ability, letting behind the U.S truly in 2011. The production has grown amazingly recently and has became one of the essential development elements of the nation’s economical system with greater than a number of generator producers doing business.

List of Top 10 Countries Producing Wind Energy

Rank Country Name Total Capacity End of Power in MW
1.  Republic of China.svg China 91,424
2.  United States.svg U.S  61,091
3.  Germany.svg Germany 34,250
4.  Spain Spain 22,959
5.   India  20,150
6.  United Kingdom.svg U.K  10,531
7.  Italy.svg Italy  8,552
8.  France.svg France  8,254
9.  Canada.svg Canada 7,803
10.  Denmark.svg  Denmark  4,772

Q:  Which Country Produces the Most Wind Energy?

Ans: China is the country which produces the most Wind Energy in the world. The China has about the 91,424 MG energy production and its last year growth percentage is 10.2 while average growth percentage of last five years is 12.5.


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