Which Country Produces Most Wine


Top Ten Wine Producing Countries in the World

(Top 10 wine producing countries in Europe) The Wine is alcoholic liquor produced from grapes or some other fruits after the process of fermentation. The naturally occurring chemical balance of grapes makes the fermentation period of wine possible without the additions of chemicals, sugars, minerals, water, enzymes or other nutritional values.

This short discussion upon the most Wine production is collected after the sources full data from Juicy Grapes Wines Setup which has surveyed the top ten countries of most wine production from the amount of bottles they produce. Thus this is an astonishing thing to know that the China is now producing the most of the wine in comparison to the South Africa or People from Portugal and now is also responsible for about eleven million hector-liters in a year.

Now here is the country “France” which is of on the top position in the most wine production. France has about 46 m hector-liters of bottles produced every year. However, the Italy is a close to figure with this country and is on 2nd rank with production of 44 m of wine.

According to the Food and Farming Organization (FAO), Agency belongs to United Nations. And here on Country Differ. we tried to show complete worldwide productions of wine of 26,216,967 tones. Surprisingly these ten countries accounting for greater than eighty fiver percent production of most wine.

List of  Top Ten Wine Producing Countries

No. Country Name Production of Wine(Tonnes)
1.  France.svgFrance  6,590,750
2.  ItalyItaly  4,673,400
3.  SpainSpain  3,339,700
4.  United States.svgUnited States 2,211,300
5.  ChinaChina 1,657,500
6.  Argentina.svgArgentina  1,547,300
7.  Australia.svgAustralia  1,133,860
8.  23px-Flag_of_Chile.svgChile 1,046,000
9.  South Africa.svgSouth Africa 965,500
10.  Germany.svgGermany  961,100

Q: Which Country Produces the Most Wine?

Ans: France is the country which is producing the most wine in the world. Approximately, France has the 6,590,750 tonnes of wine production.


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