Which Country has the World’s Highest Deforestation Rate


Which Country has the highest rate of total deforestation in the World

The Deforestation can be defined as the removal of trees and vegetation from the forests or it is the elimination of a wood lands or take a position of plants where the area is there after transformed to a non forest usage. Illustrations of deforestation’s consist of transformation of forest land to plants and farms, ranches, or for city usage.

The major issues of the Deforestation mainly related to the annihilation/extinction, modifications to weather circumstances, desertification, and exchange and replacements of communities as noticed by present circumstances and in the past via the non-renewable history. As Deforestation definitely affect the living flora as greater than half of all place and area creature varieties on the globe live in tropics forest.


The Deforestation could cause so many Problems and among them the main are:

  • Atmospheric
  • Hydro-logical
  • Soil
  • Biodiversity
  • Atmospheric

The Deforestation is continuous process and is forming environment and location.

Majorly Deforestation is a factor to weather change, and is usually mentioned as one of the significant problems of the improved green houses impacts. Tropical deforestation is accountable for about twenty % of globe green house gas removals.

  • Hydro-logical

The Deforestation is ultimately also affecting the water pattern. Trees draw out ground water via their origins and launch it into the weather.

  • Soil

Deforestation usually also improves prices of soil erosion, by improving the rate of run-off and decreasing the chances of the soil removal from litter of trees.

  • Biodiversity

Deforestation on an individual range causes in decrease in bio-diversity and on a pure international ranges is well known to create the annihilation of several varieties.

Top Ten Countries with Highest Deforestation Rate

Rank Country Deforested Area (Hectares)
1.   Brazil.svgBrazil 3466000
2.   IndonesiaIndonesia 1447800
3.   Russia.svgRussian Federation 532200
4.   MexicoMexico 395000
5.   Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea 250200
6.   PeruPeru 224600
7.   United States.svgUnited States of America 215200
8.   BoliviaBolivia 135200
9.   SudanSudan 117807
10.  NigeriaNigeria 82000

Q: Which Country has Highest Deforestation Rates.?

Ans: After the great debate and from the different verified sources, we came to result that the Brazil is the Country which has the highest Deforestation Rate; it has about 346600 hectares of total Deforest Area.


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