Which Country has the Most Pet Dogs

Top Ten Countries With Most Pet Dog Population
Top Ten Countries With Most Pet Dog Population

In the world, there are several locations where many creature i.e. animals especially pet dogs privileges are almost not present. On the other hand, there are also the countries in the world where the animals primarily the pet dogs are regarded as the first-class citizens of such countries. The United Kingdom is regarded as helpful country although there are few types of prohibits that are based simply on the overall look. On the beneficial side with respect to dogs, in London’s recreational areas dogs are permitted off lead and dogs are usually permitted in bars and on riding on the bus.

In the present situations, Switzerland has a ban on Doberman Pinschers, Rottweiler’s, Mastiff, Stick Corsos, Pit bulls and many more. In most of the Swiss locations, there are rules or recommendations on how to stay with your pet dog. While in the case of Australia there are several dogs seashores and recreational areas where pet dogs are permitted off although also have lots of limitations where these are prohibited. Here is Canada which is regarded as a part of the helpful country because of the variety of services being provided such as doggy bakeries, dog resorts, store and specialized self-caring.

Here is the List of Top Ten Countries having the Most Pet Dogs

Rank Country Name Total Dogs(Millions)
1. United States.svgUnited States 75.8
2. Brazil.svgBrazil 35.7
3. Republic of China.svg China 27.4
4. Russia.svgRussia 15
5. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan 12
6. Philippines.svgPhilippines 11.6
7. 23px-Flag_of_India.svgIndia 10.2
8. Argentina.svgArgentina 9.2
9. France.svgFrance 7.4
10. Romania.svgRomania 4.1


Q: Which Country has the Most Pet Dogs.?

Ans: In the case of Most Pet Dogs, The United States is the friendly country in the world and according to records of pet dog helpful countries around the world. The pet dog keepers could easily bring their dogs into markets but on the outer side of the food area, purchasing malls, and they are accepted in almost all dining locations.


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