Which Country has the Most Olympic Medals

Top Ten Countries has the Most Olympic Medals
Top Ten Countries has the Most Olympic Medals

The Olympic Medals are the great honor for any country as these shows the strength, sports man-ship and dedication of any single player or a team for its country. These results are from the whole wining activities were done during the years of 1896 to 2014, including Summer Games of Olympic as well as Wintertime Games of Olympic, and a mixed complete of both. These matters do not consist of the 1906 Interrelated Games that are not identified by the IOC (International Olympic Panel) as formal activities. The IOC itself does not post all-time platforms, and posts unofficially platform only per single game.

The results are linked to the International Olympic Panel nation rule as presently shown by the IOC data source. Hence these are linked to each NOC (National Olympic Committee), not all some consist of Olympic Medals won by sportsmen from that nation for another NOC, i.e. earlier freedom of that country. Titles in italic are countries entity that no more are available.

So here is the result of great research and authenticate calculations regarding the coverage of 2012 results of those countries who have gained the most of the Olympic Medals throughout the record of the Olympic games during 26 editions. The Medals counting does not consist of any gained in the 2012 Olympic games.  It is necessary to mentioned here that Russian has only taken part in 4 Olympic games and just skipped the cut, in Eleventh position.

List of Top Ten Countries with Most Olympic Models

No. Country Name Total Olympic Medals
1.  United States.svgUnited States  2,296
2.  Germany.svgGermany 851
3.  Great BritainGreat Britain  715
4.  France.svgFrance  637
5.  Italy.svgItaly 522
6.  SwedenSweden 475
7.  Hungary.svgHungary 459
8.  Australia.svgAustralia  432
9.  Republic of China.svgChina  385
10.  Japan.svgJapan 360

Q:  Which Country has the Most Olympic Medals?

 Ans:  With due honor, United States is the country which has the Most Olympic Medals in the world. It has about 2296 Olympic Medals including the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.


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