Which Country Has the Highest Suicide Rate in the World


Top Ten Countries With the Highest Suicide Rates in the World

(Which Country has the Highest Suicide Rate) No doubt Suicide is a biggest and too much seriously issue that is experienced by the various nations on the globe. It may have so many reasons, whatever the cause, as being a too bad public criminal activity. Occurrence of suicide move towards to be under-documentation because of both spiritual and public criticisms and there is possibility that complete undocumented in few regions.

Since the information can be manipulated, evaluating suicide numbers among countries is mathematically un-sound. The World Health Organization (WHO) research are in accordance with the formal reviews from each specific nation, and thus, no more precise than the data in the particular nation.

The suicide figures by nation regarding to information from the WHO, according to which a nation’s position is identified by its complete number of deaths formally documented as suicides in the latest following years, last modified 2011 year.

List of Countries Highest Suicide Rate in the World

Rank Country Annual Suicide per 1,00,000(%)
1. Guyana.svgGuyana  32.5
2. LithuaniaLithuania  31.2
3. KazakhstanKazakhstan 31.1
4. SwazilandSwaziland  25.3
5. Russia.svgRussia 23.4
6. MalawiMalawi  23.3
7. BelarusBelarus 22.9
8. SurinameSuriname 22.5
9. NamibiaNamibia  22.3
10. Cote d IvoireCote d Ivoire  21.5

Q: Which Country has the Highest Suicide Rate in the World?

Ans: Unfortunately Lithuania has the largest figure when as opposed to remaining nations around the globe. It is located in North European countries. Capital: Vilnius, It is a very wonderful country Mountain of passes across, Kaunas zoo and Tower Gediminas are the much exciting areas in this country.


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