Which Country has Highest Drug Use in the World


Top Ten Highest Rate of Drugs Use (Addication, Abuse) in the World

Due to the large habit of narcotics simply called Drugs that take to cut ailment and numerous individuals to death yearly. Drugs misuse associates with its usage and with excessive use these substances. The following ingredients are dangerous for human wellness exclusively for psychological levels of medical. Its addict is due to obsessive materials which creates a noisome to the sufferers. The continue usage and failing efforts for stopping its use similar elements could generate an individual to become resorted completely. No country supports material dependency although their population distribute such activities. There are few countries which totally prohibit the use of these ingredients. There are individuals which resort to self destruction (suicide) all due to the material dependency excessive use. More teenagers use prescribed drugs non-clinically than any other age group.


Everyone is aware with the effects of Ethanol which is an invigorating liquid could be discovered in hard beverages i.e. alcohol, wine and beer. Cocaine is also one of the drugs form from the Coca Plants Leaves discovered in South America. Narcotics like Heroin is come under the largely obsessive material made from psychoactive chemicals established via morphine, a component extracted out from Oriental plant of opium poppy. These are the extremely sensitive ingredients which surely could take over a person to durable illness and frequently loss of life.

Unfortunately Iran is under the misery condition having the greatest number of drugs addicts according to the studies for the usage of Heroin.

Here, under this list you will see the most Drugs Use Top Ten Countries of the World

It is a record produced after a deep analysis from various confirmed resources of the top ten nations triggered having new births of greatest Drugs Addict according to the evaluation of various genuine means. An appropriate analysis has revealed according to which in the Northern American region alone there are 22 million drug sufferers. The increasing rates of Marijuana customers are quickly raising as of 2007 analysis have proven.

List of Highest Drugs Using Countries in the World

Country Name Substance T/N of Addicts (approx.) Per Capita
Iran.svgIran Heroin 95,000,00 14.32%
United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom Alcohol 81,3000 13.65%
France.svgFrance Prescription pills 85,000,0 13.2%
Slovakian Inhalants 7,000,0 13.01%
Russia.svgRussia Alcohol 100,000 7.1%
AfghanistanAfghanistan Heroin 24,3000 6.9%
Canada.svgCanada Pot 22,3000 6.4%
United States.svgUnited States Prescription pills 192,9000 6.2%
Brazil.svgBrazil Oxi 84,3000 4.29%
MexicoMexico Meth 14,1000 3.9%

Q: Which Country has Highest Drugs Use in the World.?
ANS: Iran is one of the top country that has the most Drug addicts.



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