Which Countries use Euro as Currency

Which Countries use Euro as Currency
Which Countries use Euro as Currency

On 16 Dec 1995, the Euro “€” term was formally implemented. And on 1st January of 1999, the Euro “€” was introduced to markets on the financial level in the whole world as an accounting currency.

The Euro “€” is among the most powerful currencies of the world that is under the usage of Institutions of the European Union. Euro is also the currency which officially used by the Euro-zone that basically includes the seventeen of the approximately twenty-eight member’s state of the European Union.: Sweden, The Euro “€” currency is also in usage by some more five Countries of Europe and subsequently used every day.

Euro “€” is under use by about 334 hundred thousand European’s people as of 2013 records. Additionally, 210 hundred thousand people globally as of 2013 statistics with the inclusion of 182 hundred thousand individuals in Africa are using Euro as a currency.

If we go through the stats of the latest currency values then the Euro stands on the 2nd biggest currency with respect to the currency use (while U.S $ is at first position). Approximately 943 billion Euro is in flow as seen in the records of September 2013. The Euro “€” also has attained the largest combined values of bank-notes and coins in circulation in the whole globe. However, depending on the International Monetary Fund reports of 2008 GDP and buying powers equality between the different currencies, the Zone of Euro is the 2nd biggest currency economically on the globe.

About 23 countries of the world are using the Euro as their currency officially. Here on www.nokriweb.com is the list of those 23 countries in accordance to the latest stats.

  • 1)    Andora
  • 2)    Belgium
  • 3)    Austria
  • 4)    Cyprus
  • 5)    Estonia
  • 6)    France
  • 7)    Finland
  • 8)    Germany
  • 9)    Greece
  • 10)  Ireland
  • 11)  Italy
  • 12)  Kosovo
  • 13)  Malta
  • 14)  Luxembourg
  • 15)  Monaco
  • 16)  Montenegro
  • 17)  Netherlands
  • 18)  Portugal
  • 19)  San Marino
  • 20)  Slovakia
  • 21)  Slovenia
  • 22)  Vatican City
  • 23)  Spain



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