Top Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World


Which City is Most Expensive to Live in

(List of most expensive cities in the world to visit) The City Expensiveness can surrounds the several aspects start with in a city costs of living for expatriates workers, i.e. financial values, customers confidences, investments, interests levels, exchange rates of the currencies of countries, and real estate costs. The following results not includes the expensiveness of a city with respect to the cost of living benefits accumulated to regional people via governmental subsidized real estate, medical care and educations, variations in-taxation, and different remaining aspects unrelated to retirees. Residing costs may be much higher for retirees than for regional people in a creating nation.


The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Globally Cost of Residing City Expensive ranking is depends in price statistics which are modified for current exchange-rate motions. The City Expenses of real estate, particularly is the biggest expense of just living, and is not included.

The newer EIU Living Surveys, launched nowadays, placed Singapore before 130th other Cities depending on greater than four hundred various prices signs, from primary food.

 List of Most Expensive Cities in the World

No. Name of Country City Name
1. SingaporeSingapore Island of Singapore
2. France.svgFrance Paris
3. NorwayNorway Oslo
4. SwitzerlandSwitzerland Zurich
5. Australia.svgAustralia Sydney
6. Venezuela.svgVenezuela Caracas
7. SwitzerlandSwitzerland Geneva
8. Australia.svgAustralia Melbourne
9. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svgJapan Tokyo
10. DenmarkDenmark Copenhagen

Q: Which City is the Most Expensive City of World?

Ans: According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s The City of Singapore Island has been known as the globe’s highly expensive city for living, with respect to the newest information from a extensive research.


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