Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in the World


Top 10 Countries with Highest illiteracy Rate in the World

Literacy is the capability to create and study. The lack of ability to do so is called ignorant or alphabetical. Visible literacy also contains the capability to comprehend visual forms of interaction such as gestures, pictures, charts, and videos. Changing explanations of literacy often consist of all the icon techniques relevant to a particular group. Furthermore, Literacy includes a complicated set of capabilities to comprehend and use the prominent icon techniques of a lifestyle for personal and group growth. In a technical society, the concept of literacy is growing to consist of the media and electronic published text, in addition to alphabetic and number techniques.

The UNESCO describes literacy as the “capability to notice, comprehension, understand, create, connect, and estimate, using printing and published contents relevant to various situations. The capabilities of literacy vary in various social and cultural situations according to need, demand, and education. The primary sense of literacy still symbolizes the long term, the perceptive process of getting significance from a crucial presentation of the published or printed published text.

List of Top Ten Illiterate Countries

The key to all literacy is studying growth, a development of abilities that starts with the capability to comprehend verbal terms, and decipher published terms and ends in a deep understanding of the published text. Reading growth includes a range of complicated terminology underpinnings including the attention of conversation sounds (phonology), punctuation styles (orthography), term significance (semantics), sentence structure (syntax) and styles of term development (morphology), all of which provide a necessary system for studying fluency and understanding of the Literacy.

Once these abilities are obtained, the reader can obtain full terminology literacy, i.e. the capabilities to approach printed material along with crucial research, inference, and synthesis, to create with precision and coherence, and to use information and ideas from the published text as the basis for informed choices and creative thought.


Rank Country Illiteracy Percentage
1.  niger Niger 84.3%
2.  Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 77%
3.  Afghanistan Afghanistan 63.7%
4.  Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 63.7%
5.  Gambia The Gambia  63.5%
6.  Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau  63.2%
7.  Senegal Senegal 62.7%
8.  Benin Benin  62.5%
9.  Ethiopia Ethiopia 61.3%
10.  Mauritania Mauritania  60.1%


Q:  Which is the Most Illiterate Country in the World?

Ans: Unfortunately the Niger is the country which is taken as the most Illiterate country in the world. Greater than eighty percent of the adults of this nation are not well educated and 84.3 percent of individuals are totally illiterate. Such a large amount of the population is unable to study, create, and comprehend.


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