Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World


Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in the World to Live

The foremost and the most thinkable thing which the families think when ever going to any vocational holidays is the criminal and the dangerous level of that vocational areas or the countries. Vacation companies spend lots of huge amount of money in a single year for lowering the dangerous level of the countries and for creating pleasant dreams of tropics holidays on wonderful seashores, hotels and the resorts.  Although all of these efforts gone waste when the visitors or the own citizens of the any country face the dangerous of living in such dangerous countries.

Approximately the ninety nine percent of the individuals who contact the traveling guiders, both the travelers and team became the sufferers of criminal activity in the Dangerous countries. A fewer individuals reported the crimes and even of being pick pocketed in Italy. As in the many dangerous countries there are weapons or guns from individuals who are involved in the crimes.

It’s not a newer thing in the modern world that the Crime happens in the every part of it. And it can even be seen by just staying with the cruise line behavior of the dangerous countries people who commit the crimes. While if we also go through deeply then we also find that the criminal activity happens in certain places far more than some others mean in some countries the governments and the authorities are trying to lower the dangers in the dangerous countries.

The ranks and the rates of the dangerous countries are established using the collected data’s about their positions by analyzing criminal activity rate, cops protection, riots, terrorisms risk, kidnapping risk and geopolitics balance.

List of Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries

10:          United States

united states

9:            Russia


8:            Brazil


7:            South Africa


6:            Venezuela


5:            Burundi


4:            Afghanistan


3:            Colombia


2:            Somalia



Q:  Which Country is the Most Dangerous Country in the World?
Ans: The present conditions of the Iraq have made it the most dangerous country in the world. The main cause of this danger is actions of enemy which are always and still shifting on also after the quit forces which belongs to outside. And that’s why the Iraq has become an area of war where none of an individual is completely protected.




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