Top 10 Countries With the Highest Unemployment Rate


The Countries With the Highest Unemployment

The Highest Unemployment rate continues to tick down, hitting a more than four-year low of just in the whole world. However, in most of the Countries, the scenario of Unemployment is very different. As if we go through the developments in Malta which are currently done then these are any indication, the financial and career problems of European countries are nowhere near over.

Although there are several countries that have greater Unemployment positions other than the countries on this record. In comparison to the countries which are already developed, Government assistance has become an expensive burden when Unemployment increases in the world’s developed countries.

Consistent Unemployment can be very expensive for authorities of the Government of any country. There are also fewer countries i.e. like Portugal, Ireland, and Spain the public security is quite well designed and nice. As, any enhancement in Unemployment gets converted into larger increases in public expenses, and puts way up stress on debts.

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Unemployment Rate

While approximately not all of the country’s great debts as a percentage of GDP evidence of how varying levels of Government support for the Unemployment affects costs. The results have also noticed that in great Unemployment cases the countries like Latvia and Bulgaria, where financial debts are not as great, those public security systems are less nice, and so greater Unemployment is less likely to convert into debts and poor sovereign debts scores.

There is highly enhancing stress on the countries due to the Unemployment by their citizens, worldwide lenders, and credits scoring agencies to make better their severe Unemployment scenario.

Top Ten Highest Rated Countries with Unemployment

Rank Name of Country Total Unemployment in Percentage
1.   Liberia  70
2.   Zimbabwe  60
3.   Djibouti  50
4.   East Timor  50
5.   Zambia  50
6.   Senegal 48
7.   Nepal 47
8.   Lesotho  45
9.   Bosnia  40
10.   Herzegovina  40


Ans: Unfortunately, Liberia is the Country which has the highest rate of Unemployment. It has the greatest rate of unemployment with a total percentage of 70. It’s really a miserable condition for the Liberia and Zimbabwe (second in number) in the too much technological motivating world.


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