Top 10 Countries With Most Universities


Top 10 Countries With Most Universities Info

The modern era has not left anyone unacquainted with the term Universities. With the progression of technology, school knowledge is more in demand. The impact of globalization has made individuals realize the importance of primary as well as college. From developed to creating areas, there won’t be any country in the world that does not have Universities. Education is becoming one of the primary needs of the population, now a day many personal and Govt. Universities are growing up.

Here is the list of the Top Ten Countries with the Most of the Countries and this list is obtained after the verified sources and the results.

2.         United States

The United States comes on the 2nd number with most universities. Since a very long time knowledge has been part of its individuals. The US has as many as 5,758 Universities and it should be because it is taken as the most advanced country in the world. The public industry mainly looks after its knowledge system.

3.         Argentina

Despite many disruptions, Argentina has done a relatively good job in the training and learning industry. Because it has 1,705 Universities which make it stand on the 3rd number in the top list of most universities countries.

List of Top 10 Countries with Most Universities

Rank Country Pop
1.  23px-Flag_of_India.svg India 8407
2.  United States.svg United States 5758
3.  Argentina.svg Argentina  1705
4.  Spain Spain 1415
5.  Mexico Mexico 1341
6.  Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh  1268
7.  Indonesia Indonesia 1236
8.  23px-Flag_of_Japan.svg Japan  1223
9.  France.svg France 1062
10.  China China  1054

Q:           Which Country has the Most Universities in the World?

Ans: Since Indian is still a creating country, teaching the mass is very essential and after the 1991 change, it has taken a different turn. Privatization and globalization have introduced the path for better and Universities. There are about 8,407 personal and governmental Universities in India that make it come on the 1st position.


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