Top 10 Countries With Most Airports


Which Country has the Most Airports Per Capita

An airport terminal is a position or a location where airplanes or aerodynamic aircraft i.e. fixed side airplanes, choppers, and blimps takeoff and area. The airport is one of the most secure places for the people who want to go to a long-distance within a very brief time frame using airplanes, choppers, blimps, etc. These international airports are also used to carry various factors from one position to another. Here we will explain the top 10 nations which have the most variety of international airports.

All the nations of the world have international airports to communicate with other nations or for inner emails. But the highest variety of international airports indicates how much develop a nation is in their inner and external emails.

When an important issue occurs like when hungry a nation, foods and other necessary factors are moved to that nation within a very brief time frame through choppers, airplanes, etc. An airport terminal consists of at least one surface such as driveway for an aircraft to take off and area, helipad or water for takeoffs and landings, and often includes structures such as manage systems, wardrobe hangers, airport terminal structures, etc.

 List of Top Ten Countries With Most Airports

Rank Country Name Total Airports
1.  United States.svg United States 15000
2.  Brazil.svg Brazil  4,093
3.  Mexico Mexico  1,714
4.  Canada.svg Canada  1,467
5.  Russia.svg Russia 1,218
6.  Argentina.svg Argentina 1,138
7.  Bolivia Bolivia  855
8.  Colombia.svg Colombia  836
9.  Paraguay Paraguay  799
10.  Indonesia.svg Indonesia 673


Q: Which Country has the Most Airports in the World?

Ans: The United States of America known as government republic made up of 50 states and government region and which has the biggest variety of international airports more than 15000 international airports. Among all of them, the most popular airport and the 2nd biggest in USA is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


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