Top 10 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy Rate


(Countries with Highest Life Expectancy Rate) Expectations mean a normal period of time during which an individual anticipate to stay or in other terms we can say it is a predicted time length of an individual stay. In various nations expectancy rate measured varies.

And according to the surveys and from the research of different sources and authentic information it is found that:

During the passing years (especially 2011) CIA World Fact book ready a position record of various nations which are following:

Here you can see the details of Top Ten Countries having Highest Expectancy Rate in the World

NO. Name of Country  Total Life Expectancy (at Birth) Life Expectancy of Male  (at Birth) Life Expectancy of Female (at Birth)
1. Monaco Monaco  89.73  85.77  93.69
2. Macau.svgMacau(China)  84.41  81.45  87.52
3. San MarinoSan Marino 83.01  80.5  85.74
4. Andorra Andorra 82.43  80.35  84.64
5. 23px-Flag_of_Japan.svg Japan 82.25  78.96 85.72
6. GuernseyGuernsey  82.16   79.5  84.95
7. SingaporeSingapore 82.14  79.53 84.96
8. Republic of China.svgHong Kong (China) 82.04  79.32 84.97
9. Australia.svgAustralia 81.81  79.4  84.35
10. ItalyItaly  81.77  79.16  84.53

Q: Which Country has the Highest Life Expectancy Rate in the World?

Ans:  The Monaco is the country having the largest expectancy rate in the whole globe with an area coverage of 2.02 square km’s. In the year of 2011 it’s total population figure was around 36,371 inhabitants.


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