Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Jobs 03/2021


Latest Jobs in Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) February 

Online application are invited in for the following posts by Punjab Public Service Commission:-

Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadurnagar, Okara


Directorate of Barani Livestock Production Research Institute, Kherimurat, Attock


Directorate of Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi


Directorate General (Prod.)





  1. Eligibility


QUESTION NO. 1: How is the age of a candidate calculated/determined?
ANSWER : Age is calculated from date of birth as given in Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) or on any relevant certificate and is taken as final. In case the candidate has appeared in any other examination equivalent to Secondary School Certificate such as Senior Cambridge/O-level and the certificate of such examination does not bear date of birth of the candidate, he/she shall be required to produce; a. School Leaving Certificate bearing his/her date of birth; or b. b. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Example If date of birth of a candidate is 15 August, 1970 and the closing date for receipt of application in the PPSC office is 07-02-1998; the age will be calculated as under:
    Day Month Year
Closing Date 07 02 1998
Date of Birth
of Candidate
15 08 1970
Age on closing date: 1+23 05 27
  (27 Years, 05 Months and 24 Days)

Explanation: While calculating his/her age, one day has been added to the calculations made with respect to his/her date of birth and closing date for receipt of on-line application. Thus on the closing date, the age of the candidate shall be 27 years 5 months and 24 days. This has been done on the grounds that a child born on 1st January will be of one year on 31st December in same year. On 1st January of next year, his/her age will be one year and one day.
However, in case of Competitive/Combined Competitive Examination the qualifying age will be reckoned as on the 1st of January of the year in which the exam is proposed to be held.
    Day Month Year
Closing Date 01 01 2016
Date of Birth
of Candidate
01 01 1988
Age on closing date: 1+00 00 28
  (28 Years, 00 Months and 01 Days)
QUESTION NO. 2: How is age relaxation given across the board?
ANSWER : The relaxation in upper age limit is 5 years for males and 8 years for female candidates given by the Secretary of Department, will be given across the board; which will appear as part of the advertisement.
QUESTION NO. 3: Can every candidate take advantage from age relaxation?
ANSWER : General age relaxation is for everyone fulfilling the pre-requisite criteria for the post.
QUESTION NO. 4: Can a candidate slightly underage or overage apply for a post advertised by Punjab Public Service Commission?
ANSWER : No. A candidate, underage or overage by even one day, is not eligible for a post advertised by Punjab Public Service Commission.
QUESTION NO. 5 Is there any age relaxation for Government servants?
ANSWER : If there is age relaxation for the Government Servants, it is mentioned in the advertisement.
QUESTION NO. 6 What are the criteria of age concession for the employees of Federal Government or Autonomous Bodies of Federal Government or Provincial Government and of Local Bodies?
ANSWER : Employees of Federal Government or Semi Government and Autonomous bodies of Federal Government or Provincial Government and those of Local Bodies are not entitled to age concession for the period of their service in such organizations.


QUESTION NO. 7: How the eligibility about the Qualification of a candidate is determined?
ANSWER : Eligibility of a candidate is determined against the prescribed qualification of a post given in the advertisement. However, higher and additional qualification will not be considered if a candidate does not possess advertised essential qualification.
QUESTION NO. 8: If a Person has more than one Degree with result declared in the same year, for example, M. Phil from P.U and M.Ed from Allama Iqbal Open University, whether both these two degrees would be considered valid by PPSC , or only one of these two will be considered?
ANSWER : Two degrees attained in the same academic years would not be considered. Only one degree will be considered for the applied post.
QUESTION NO. 9: Is a candidate waiting for result eligible to apply?
ANSWER : The candidate must have acquired the prescribed academic qualification on or before the closing date for submission of applications. Application of a candidate whose result has not been officially declared/announced by the Board/University on or before the closing date, is not considered.


QUESTION NO. 10: Does PPSC accept equivalence of certificates/degrees issued by the HEC?
ANSWER : Yes, the equivalence of local academic qualifications as laid down by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)/ Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Pakistan Engineering council (PEC) or other government designated competent Equivalence Committee/Authority like Qualification Equivalence Determination Committee (QEDC) are considered authentic.
QUESTION NO. 11: Does PPSC accept equivalence of educational certificates/degrees awarded by foreign universities?
ANSWER : Yes, Commission accepts degrees/certificates/diplomas only of those foreign universities which are recognized by Higher Education commission (HEC) or Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC)/ Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) or Pakistan Engineering council (PEC), Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC) or any other government designated competent Agency/Authority. However, a candidate is required to provide Equivalence Certificate issued by the QEDC/HEC at the time of interview failing which his/her application will be rejected.


QUESTION NO. 12: Does PPSC count internship as experience?
ANSWER : No. Internship, training or part time experience is not counted as required experience for a specific post, unless so mentioned in the advertisement/service rules.
QUESTION NO. 13: How is the eligibility of a candidate vis-à-vis his/her experience is determined?
ANSWER : Eligibility of a candidate as far as experience is concerned, is in accordance with the criteria advertised for the post. Experience will only be considered if supported by a notification/order issued by Head of Institution/Organization/Department or Appointing Authority concerned.
(b). Experience certificate alongwith appointment letter(s) in respect of Contract, Current Charge, Acting Charge and appointment on Adhoc basis which are issued by the Appointing Authority/ Head of Institution/ Organization/Department under the rules, shall be accepted.


QUESTION NO. 15: Can a resident of Azad Jammu and Kashmir apply for the posts advertised by PPSC?
ANSWER : The candidates, who are permanent residents of Azad Jammu & Kashmir but are also domiciled in Punjab, will be considered on the basis of the domicile of the concerned district of Punjab.
QUESTION NO. 16: Can a married female candidate apply on her husband’s domicile?
ANSWER : A Married Female Candidate may opt for the District of Domicile of her husband provided she surrenders her previous Domicile Certificate and in such case she will be required to produce Domicile Certificate of her Husband along with the proof of her marriage. Her previous Domicile Certificate will be considered to have been cancelled for any future claim of residence.


QUESTION NO. 18: What is the criterion for a candidate to be included in the Special Persons’ Quota
ANSWER : A candidate will be considered eligible for a post reserved for Special Persons if he/she has been registered as a Disabled Person with the Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Social Welfare Department and has been declared fit for work of the job applied for. Such candidates are required to produce a certificate to this effect.
QUESTION NO. 19: Which is the issuing Authority of Disability Certificate?
ANSWER : Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Social Welfare Department.
QUESTION NO. 20: How is the number of seats for Minorities determined?
ANSWER : The number of seats for Minority quota is determined by the Department concerned. PPSC follows the distribution of seats as prescribed by the Department concerned.
QUESTION NO. 21: Is there any fixed quota for women in all posts?
ANSWER : No, usually women quota varies and determined by the Department concerned for which the post is advertised.
QUESTION NO. 22: How many chance can a candidate avail for a post?
ANSWER : For all posts to be filled through written tests, followed by interview or interview alone, the number of chances are restricted to 03, in case the candidate who fails in written tests/interview thrice for a specific post(s).
i. Number of chances for Competitive Examinations will remain 03 and there will be no change for Competitive Examination, including Combined Competitive Examination.
ii. There is no limit of chances where recruitment is being made through one paper written test followed by interview or interview alone if a candidate obtains qualifying marks (40% marks) in the written test irrespective of the fact that whether he/she is called for interview or not and if he/she obtains qualifying marks (50% marks) in interview irrespective of the fact that whether he/she is recommended or not. (For example: if a candidate qualified the written test with 40% qualifying marks and called for interview, but he/she could not obtain qualifying marks (50%) in interview, his/her chance will be considered as availed.
iii. If a candidate who is applicant for more than one subject he/she will be allowed 3 chances in each subject for which he/she is a candidate. For example, for the post of Lecturer in Education Department, a candidate who is applicant for more than one subject will be allowed three chances in each subject for which he/she is a candidate.


QUESTION NO. 23: Do Adhoc employees of Punjab Government have age relaxation as regular employees of Punjab Government.?
ANSWER : The candidates who are working continuously on ad-hoc basis in the Punjab Government, are entitled to the following relaxation regarding upper age limit:-
a. The period of their continuous service on ad-hoc basis will be deducted from their age. This concession is available to a candidate for any post he/she applies in the Commission except for Combined Competitive Examination and Civil Judges-cum-Judicial Magistrates only.
b. A candidate who was already granted some relaxation in age at the time of his/her ad-hoc appointment against a post, will be allowed to avail such relaxation which will be in addition to the fresh continuous period of ad-hoc service provided that:-
1. He/she applies to the Commission for selection to the same post against which he/she was appointed on ad-hoc basis.
2. He/she submits a certificate from his/her appointing authority to the effect that he/she was appointed on ad-hoc basis after grant of relaxation in age limit of specific period and further that since then he/she is serving continuously on the same post without any break.
QUESTION NO. 24: Do Contract employees of Punjab Government have age relaxation as regular employees of Punjab Government?
ANSWER : When a person has rendered services on contract basis or on regular basis under the Punjab Government, the period spent by him/her in such service, for the purpose of upper age limit prescribed under any rule for appointment to any service/post, is excluded from his/her age. Provided that the upper age limit does not exceed 35 years for recruitment to any post to be filled on the recommendations of the Punjab Public Service Commission, on the basis of the Combined Competitive Examination, as laid down under the relevant rules. Whereas contract appointments are made against posts and the upper age limit for a post to be filled on contract basis has already been enhanced by the Department (e.g., in the case of Education Department etc.) as against the age limit prescribed in the service rules, no relaxation in the upper age limit will be allowed.
  1. Online Application Form


QUESTION NO. 1: What is the procedure for submission of Online Application?
ANSWER : For online submission, comprehensive procedure is available on PPSC website www.ppsc.gov.pk (at link: Apply Online). In case of any difficulty in online accessibility, candidates may contact through PPSC Help Line on Phone No. 042-99202764.
QUESTION NO. 2: Does PPSC accept application in any other way apart from Online Application Form?
ANSWER : No, PPSC does not accept application in any other format except through Online Application form.


QUESTION NO. 3: How can confirmation of submission of online application be made?
ANSWER : The submission of online application is instantly confirmed by provision of an “Application Number” and “Edit Token Number” to the candidate. Details are also sent to a candidate on email and in text message.
QUESTION NO. 4: If confirmation of submission of online application not received via text?
ANSWER : Make sure your Mobile Phone service provider is not blocked; your promotion messages and mobile phone number not converted to any other network. Otherwise follow instructions to retrieve token number by clicking “Edit Application” button on home page of website.


QUESTION NO. 5: How Token No. can be retrieved to check Detailed Mark Certificate (DMC)?
ANSWER : Token No. is sent to the candidate through SMS after successful submission of online application. However, if Token No. is lost, candidate(s) can retrieve token number using Commission’s website by clicking “Edit Application” button on home page then choose the option “Forgot / Not Received Token No.”; provide the personal details. In case candidate(s) still not able to retrieve token number then he/she is directed to submit an application addressed to Secretary PPSC along with documentary proof of candidature i.e. Full Name, Roll No. and copy of valid CNIC and Post applied for.
QUESTION NO. 6: Why to remember the Token Number is important?
ANSWER : “Edit Token Number” is sent to the candidate once at the time of submission of online application, it is therefore, important to save it for future reference.


QUESTION NO. 7: How to Change/Edit the Application if a Candidate has Mistakenly Added the Wrong Information?
ANSWER : To assess the Application Form for editing mistakenly added data, a candidate needs to have an “Application Number” and “Token Number” that are provided to a candidate after the successful submission of an application. Option for “Edit Application” is available on PPSC Website from where changes can be made in following forms:- 1. Preliminary Information 2. Personal Information 3. Qualification sets 4. Education Detail 5. Service Record 6. Bank Receipt Detail This option remains valid till the closing date of receipt of application. Candidate can also seek help where necessary from the PPSC Information Office on Phone No. 042-99200161-2 and from I.T. Wing on Phone No. 042-99202740 & 042-99202764.


QUESTION NO. 8: Does a candidate need to submit hard copies of documents in addition to applying online?
ANSWER : No. Hard Copies of Documents are not required to be submitted at the time of application submission for the posts falling in BS-18 or below. Hard copies of the documents are required at the time of interview for all the posts. However, for posts falling in BS-19 and above, Hard copies of Online Application Form along with two sets of photocopies of all required documents need to be provided by the candidates to the Commission’s office on or before the closing date.
  1. Fee


QUESTION NO. 1: What is the fee structure for various posts?
Category Amount
a) Competitive Examination Rs. 1000/-
b) One Paper MCQ Rs. 600/-


QUESTION NO. 2: How can a candidate get the Fee Challan Form?
ANSWER : It can be downloaded from the website of the Commission from the link “Information Desk, downloads”. or Click Here to download.


QUESTION NO. 3: Can a Candidate Submit Application Fee in any bank other than NBP?
ANSWER : Yes, candidates can deposit the application fee in the State Bank of Pakistan and Treasury Office of the District, in addition to National Bank of Pakistan.


QUESTION NO. 4: Who are Exempted from Application Fee?
ANSWER : Candidates with disabilities and PPSC employees are exempted from application fee for both Competitive Examination and one paper MCQ test.


QUESTION NO. 5: What is the procedure for Application/Examination fee refund?
ANSWER : After a requisition is withdrawn, PPSC may provide an advice indicating the name of the candidate as well as his CNIC number. Thereafter, the Treasury Officer will affix a rubber stamp behind the original Fee Challan of the candidate and put his signature. The candidate will present the original Fee Challan after verification of the Treasury Office/District Accounts office before the State Bank of Pakistan for payment.
QUESTION NO. 6: On what grounds can a candidate claim for Application/Examination fee refund?
ANSWER : Application/Examination fee is refunded only to those candidates, whose claim for refund is based on grounds that the requisitions were withdrawn and no selection process actually took place.


QUESTION NO. 7: I have lost my fee slip. What should i do?
ANSWER : Verified copy of Bank Scroll/Certificate dully Signed and Stamped showing the amount with date, particulars of the candidate and post applied for from the concerned branch of “NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN” where the requisite fee was deposited may be obtained and provided at the time of interview.


QUESTION NO. 8: Can I apply for more than one post against any job advertisement of PPSC. If yes, than in this case what is the fee procedure?
ANSWER : You can apply for more than one post, however, it is mandatory to deposit separate requisite fee against each post.
  1. Examination / Tests


QUESTION NO. 1: How and When can a candidate take print of an Examination/Interview Admission Letter?
ANSWER : The link for printing of Admission Letter is provided on PPSC website that can be assessed upon scheduling of the Exam. The candidate can get their Admission Letter printed by simply providing the information about their CNIC No. and selecting the post applied for in relevant box available on the screen.
QUESTION NO. 2: Does PPSC upload the Admission Letter for Psychological Assessment?
ANSWER : PPSC does not upload any admission letter for Psychological Assessment. Candidates should follow the instructions sent via text message. The Roll No. will remain same.


QUESTION NO. 3: Does PPSC accept request for change of Centre?
ANSWER : Genuine requests for change of Centre along with proof in support of reason is acceptable provided candidate makes the request before allocation of Roll Number.


QUESTION NO. 4: Which documents are mandatory for candidates to bring if CNIC has expired or lost for written examination/test?
ANSWER : In case Computerized Identity Card has expired or is reported lost, the Officer Incharge of the Centre, allow such a candidate provisionally to appear in the written examination/test on production of Valid Original Passport or service Card or any other valid/authentic original document to the satisfaction of the centre Incharge. Provided further that the Centre Incharge will obtain an undertaking on the matter from the candidates to the effect that he/she shall produce the original valid CNIC at the time of interview failing which his/her candidature will be cancelled.


QUESTION NO. 5: Which Items are prohibited in Examination?
ANSWER : Bringing of mobile telephones/electronic gadgets, books, purse, arms ammunitions etc. in the Examination Hall is strictly prohibited.


QUESTION NO. 6: What is the criteria of negative marking in MCQ’s type written test?
ANSWER : Negative marking will be done and 0.25 marks shall be deducted for each wrong answer in the Multiple Choice / Objective / MCQ’s paper.


QUESTION NO. 7: What is the expected duration for the result declaration of written examination?
ANSWER : There is no fixed duration and it varies depending upon the number of candidates. While usually for MCQ type paper 10 days are expected and for subjective type paper approximately 30 days..


QUESTION NO. 8: Can answer key of the Question Paper be provided to candidates?
ANSWER : Detailed Marks Certificates (DMC) are uploaded for information of the candidates. There is no policy of the Commission for uploading the Answer Key.


QUESTION NO. 9: How can a candidate apply for Rechecking/ Recounting of his/her answer sheet?
ANSWER : The candidate may submit an application addressed to Secretary (PPSC) after depositing Rechecking Fee of Rs. 200/ under the head of Miscellaneous department “C02101- Organizations of State-Examination Fee realized by the Punjab Public Service Commission” in State Bank of Pakistan/National Bank of Pakistan/Government Treasury and Sub Treasury, along with Bank receipt and necessary identification details i.e. Full Name, Roll No, Application No. and a copy of original Valid CNIC on “Information Desk” either by hand or by post.


QUESTION NO. 10: What is the time duration for special persons in Combined Competitive Examination?
ANSWER : In pursuance of Commission’s Policy, 10 minutes of an extra time in MCQ type and 15 minutes in subjective type papers is given to candidates having any disability.


QUESTION NO. 11: When does PPSC conduct Written Test/Examination at its Regional Offices?
ANSWER : PPSC conducts written Test/Examination if feasible, at its Regional Offices when sufficient number of candidates are available.
  1. Syllabus


QUESTION NO. 1: Does PPSC provide a sample MCQ paper or past papers?
ANSWER : Sample papers or past papers are not provided by the PPSC.


QUESTION NO. 2: What is the Percentage of Subjects in MCQ General Knowledge Paper?
ANSWER : Percentage of subjects in MCQ General Knowledge paper varies in different cases.
  1. Interview


QUESTION NO. 1: How many candidates are called for interview against one post?
ANSWER : The number of candidates called for interview depends upon the number of posts however; usually 5 candidates are called for interview against one post.
QUESTION NO. 2: How a Candidate is intimated/informed about the Interviews?
ANSWER : Candidates are informed/Intimated about Interview through SMS and E-mail. Whereas a general information about interview is also given at the PPSC website.


QUESTION NO. 3: Which Documents are required by the candidates to bring at the time of Interview?
ANSWER : A Candidate is required to bring Original CNIC, “Call Up Letter” for Interview and Original Educational Degrees and other Certificates e.g., Domicile, Departmental Permission (if needed), Medical Certificate (if needed), Disability Certificate (if needed) etc.


QUESTION NO. 4: Are Government servants working on Contract and Daily wages required to submit NOC for the posts advertised by PPSC?
ANSWER : No Civil Servant is eligible for appointment to any service of the Province or to any post in connection with the affairs of the Province other than the service or the post to which he/she is for the time being appointed, unless he/she applies with permission in writing of the competent authority.


QUESTION NO. 5: Does PPSC accept the revised Medical Certificates if there is some deficiency in the Medical Certificates?
ANSWER : In Medical Certificate all Physical/visual measurement i.e. Height/Chest/Near & Distant vision must be mentioned as per Announcement. Any change/alteration in Medical Certificate issued after the closing date is not acceptable.


QUESTION NO. 6: Does PPSC accept requests for rescheduling of interviews?
ANSWER : Date of interview fixed by the PPSC is normally not changed. However, genuine requests of candidates along with proof in support of genuine reason(s) for rescheduling the interview, are accepted. Decision of the Chairman, PPSC to accept or reject such request for change of interview date is final.


QUESTION NO. 7: How much time is given for fulfilling the requirement mentioned in the letters of undertaking/rejection?
ANSWER : Time given to candidates for fulfilling the requirement of undertaking/rejection is up to 10 working days.
QUESTION NO. 8: What if there is a public holiday on the date of deadline for fulfilling requirement of some document?
ANSWER : If deadline for any document submission falls on Public holiday, the next working date/day will be considered the due date/day for submission.


QUESTION NO. 9: Does a candidate get Additional Marks for having a Distinction in Academic Career?
ANSWER : No Additional Marks for having a Distinction in Academic Career are given to the candidates.
QUESTION NO. 10: Does a Candidate Get Additional Marks for Higher Qualification?
ANSWER : No, additional marks are given for higher qualification.


QUESTION NO. 11: Does the PPSC send text messages in addition to rejection email?
ANSWER : No, PPSC does not send text message in addition to rejection letter. On the day of interview, rejected candidates are served with Rejection Letter in person. They are also given personal hearing by the Presiding Member if so desired by the aggrieved candidates.


QUESTION NO. 12: When does PPSC conduct interviews at its Regional Offices?
ANSWER : PPSC conducts interviews if feasible, at its Regional Offices when sufficient number of candidates is available.
  1. Right To Appeal / Representation


QUESTION NO. 1: What are the usual grounds of rejection of an application for recruitment cases?
ANSWER : An applicant is liable for rejection on any of the following grounds:- i. Fee not paid on or before the closing date. ii. Non-submission of original Treasury Receipt of application fee deposited on or before the closing date at the time of interview along with requisite documents (for non-test cases) iii. Under age/Overage candidates iv. No proof of age v. Non possession of required/advertised domicile vi. No proof of Educational Qualification. vii. Educational Qualification is not relevant viii. Post qualification experience is short. ix. No proof of experience x. Non possession of required/advertised experience. xi. Relevant/countable experience is short xii. Departmental Permission Certificate has been refused.


QUESTION NO. 2: What is the procedure for submission of appeal against rejection by the Commission in recruitment cases?
ANSWER : A candidate aggrieved by the decision of PPSC can, within 07 working days of communication of decision, make a representation to the Commission along with documentary proof and Commission decides the representation preferably after giving him/her personal hearing if needed.


QUESTION NO. 3: Is there any fee for appeal, if so how much?
ANSWER : Yes, representation and review petitions are entertainable only if accompanied with original Treasury Receipt of Rs. 200/-
  1. Psychological Assessment
QUESTION NO. 1: What is the purpose of Psychological Assessment?
ANSWER : The purpose of Psychological Assessment is to estimate abilities and personality characteristics of the candidates with special regard to their aptitude for the Civil Services i.e. whether they possess the potential and qualities that are required as a Member of the Civil Services of Punjab.
QUESTION NO. 2: For which posts Psychological Assessment is a pre-requisite?
ANSWER : Psychological Assessment is a pre-requisite for following posts : –
i. Competitive Examinations
ii. Assistant Director Land Record
iii. Sub-Inspector.
iv. Jr. Traffic Warden
v. And for any other post where concerned Department requires so.
QUESTION NO. 3: What sort of preparation is required for Psychological Assessment?
ANSWER : No preparation is required for Psychological Tests. Just be yourself, respond to the question spontaneously. Express your true feelings, opinions and judgment.
QUESTION NO. 4: How long does Psychological Assessment last?
ANSWER : It varies, depending upon the requirement. It may last for few hours or may even spread over more than a one day session.
QUESTION NO. 5: Can a candidate appear in Final Interview if one has failed to appear in the Psychological Assessment?
ANSWER : No, a candidate cannot appear in Final Interview if one has failed to appear in Psychological Assessment.
  1. General Queries


QUESTION NO. 1: What is the procedure after my recommendation?
ANSWER : PPSC recommends suitable candidates after the prescribed procedure and sends it to the Department concerned. Appointment, training and posting of candidates are the responsibilities of that Department.


QUESTION NO. 2: How long is a Merit List of successful candidates maintained ?
ANSWER : The merit list remains valid in all cases for one year from the date of issuance of original recommendations or till the date of receipt of next requisition in the Commission for the same post, whichever is earlier. However, if a new requisition for similar posts is received for special persons or minorities within one year validity period, the open merit, the women merit and the special zone merit list shall remain valid for the nomination of substitutes for the remaining period of validity year or till complete new requisition is received for the same post(s), whichever is earlier.


QUESTION NO. 3: How many days Detailed Marks Certificate will be available on the Website?
ANSWER : DMC will remain available for 30 days, after this period no request for issuance of DMC will be entertained.


QUESTION NO. 4: What is the period of probation for a given post?
ANSWER : The period of probation differs based upon the Classification of a given post. The probation can be for a maximum period of two years. However, it may be extended by the Competent Authority.


QUESTION NO. 5: How is a substitute candidate provided by the PPSC, if a recommended candidate does not join the post?
ANSWER : If a recommended candidate fails to join the post or tenders his/her resignation after joining or is terminated by the Department on any ground or declared medically unfit or the Appointing Authority refuses to issue offer of appointment during the validity of the merit list, a substitute is provided from the same merit list, if so requested by the Department concerned. Substitute candidate is not provided on the request of any candidate.


QUESTION NO. 6: Can Non-Muslim candidates opt for Islamic Studies?
ANSWER : Yes, Non-Muslim candidates may either opt for Islamic Studies or Ethics according to their choice.

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