Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation Limited (PASCO) Jobs


Jobs in Pakistan Agricultural Storage & Services Corporation Limited (PASCO)

PASCO Pakistan invites application for the following vacant positions:-

Summary Job Vacancies in PASCO 2020



Name of Posts BPS No of Posts
i. Dy. General Manager BPS-19 03-Posts
ii. Manager (Accounts) (Female/Male) BPS-18 02-Posts
iii. Project Manager (Field) (Male) BPS-18 05-Posts
iv. Assistant Engineer (Male) BPS-17 01-Posts
v. Dy. Manager (Accounts) (Male/female) BPS-17 01- Posts
vi. Dy. Project Manager (Male) BPS-17 02-Posts
vii. Law Officer (Male/Female) BPS-17 01-Posts
viii. Private Secretary (Male/Female) BPS-17 04-Posts
Ix. Superintendent (Male/Female) BPS-16 02 -Posts
x. Accounts Officer (Male/Female) BPS-16 02-Posts
Xi. Purchase Office(Male) BPS-16 04-Posts
xii. Sub-Divisional Officer BPS-16 01-Posts
  Sub-Total:-   28
xiii. Assistant (Male/Female) BPS-15 03-Posts
xiv. Assistant System Operator (Male/Female) BPS-14 01-Posts
xv. Assistant Network Operator (Male/Female) BPS-14 01-Posts
xvi. Accountant (Male/Female) BPS-14 04-Posts
xvii Purchase Inspector (Male) BPS-14 16-Posts
xviii Senior Clerk (Male/Female) BPS-11 02-Posts
xix. Sub-Accountant (Male/Female) BPS-11 03-Posts
xx. Sub-Engineer (Male) BPS-11 01-Posts
xxi. Tele/Fax Operator (Male/Female) BPS-09 04-Posts
xxii. Junior Clerks (Male/Female) BPS-09 02 Posts
xxiii. Assistant Security Inspector (Male) BPS-07 02-Posts
xxiv. Assistant Purchase Inspector (Male) BPS-07 53-Posts
  Total:-   120


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