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Latest Jobs in Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division Islamabad June 2020

Applications are invited from suitable candidates for the post of Technical Advisor, Human Resource Management, MP-I Scale, on contract basis in Establishment Division initially for the period of two years, extendable under MP Scale policy. The position will be filled strictly on merit, in a transparent manner and in accordance with the guidelines provided in Ministry of Finance Division 0.M.No.F.3(2) R-4/2011 dated 14th July, 2017.


Establishment Division is the HR agency of the Federal Government. Its vision is to achieve the Excellence in Human Resource Management in Public Sector which is exceedingly entwined with multifarious business dimensions demanding a strong institutional framework for Establishment Division itself. Thereby, to cope up with the dynamism of today’s business environment and to harness the culture of continual improvement and progression, this division intends to hire services of a Technical Advisor to assist Establishment Division to modernize its Standard Operating Procedures in-line with the international best practices. The terms of references of the said post are as under;

Criteria/Minimum Requirements


Post-graduate Master Degree, if from Pakistan, recognized by HEC or at least 16 years of academic education from Local/foreign University of repute in Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, HRM or Public Policy or any other related field Field of expertise:

  1. At least 15 years Leadership Experience in HR field in public/private Candidates with Ph.D/M.Phil shall be given OS years relaxation in requisite experience.

ii Exposure of working overseas in a best practices environment shall be an

added advantage.


Maximum age 62 years at the time of applying for the post.


Appointment of the Technical Advisor shall initially be made on a contract for two years which will be extendable for a further term of two years on the recommendation of Performance Evaluation Committee in accordance with prescribed performance evaluation for MP Scale positions.

Disqualification: No person shall be eligible for appointment as Technical Advisor, who:

    1. has been or is dismissed from service as a consequence of disciplinary proceedings;
    2. has been or is convicted, by a court of competent jurisdiction, for an offence involving moral turpitude;
  • either at the time of appointment as Technical Advisor or thereafter during such appointment was not or is not a citizen of Pakistan; or
  1. benefits from the National Reconciliation Ordinance, 2007(LX of 2007).

Manners of Appointment:

  1. The appointment shall be made as per prescribed procedure for appointment in MP-I scale position
  2. The vacancy of the Technical Advisor shall be uploaded by the Establishment Division on its website and also advertised at least in two national leading newspapers of nation-wide
  • A short-listing Committee shall be constituted with the approval of Secretary, Establishment Division, for the short listing of
  1. The Selection Committee for appointments in the MP-Scale shall recommend three most suitable candidates out of the shortlisted candidates and a summary shall be submitted for decision of the Prime Minister,


The advisor will carry out, but will not be limited to, the following tasks for the Establishment division and its allied organizations (Attached Departments & Autonomous Organizations):

To undertake the institutional review to assess the maturity, effectiveness and sustainability of existing HR processes of Establishment Division inclusive of

(i) Workforce Planning ; (ii) Recruitment; (iii) Talent Management; (iv) raining (v) Performance Management; (vi) Reward; (vii) staff engagement and

(viii) existing Rules and Policies and to suggest such revisions and practical steps to capture efficiencies to an optimal level within the organization.

  1. Study the regional HR Management practices by focusing on countries with similar socio-economic back ground and suggesting best practices that can be adopted in
  • Review the existing H.R. policies/ rules / laws in vogue in the Federal Government, identify the gaps and suggest revisions
  1. Help in designing a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) which integrates information across processes of all the wings, providing a single source of information to support decision making inclusive of Career Development Framework, Performance Management System (PMS) and its subsequent
  2. Formulation of policies related to Succession Planning and roll out of the integrated Talent Management Framework, which may address issues like job rotations, Deputation, Transfer Leave (DTL) quotas etc. among other initiatives.

V1.  HR Audit to recognize the skill gap between job requirements and job specifications as well as the personnel skills and required skills.

  • Review of the reward/ recognition system for the Civil Servants and formulating recommendations for revisions in the

viii.           Development of strategic staffing guidelines to identify workforce needs of various groups and organizations under the ambit of Establishment Division.

  1. Develop a learning strategy and learning management system duly integrated with the Mandatory training programs for employee development (both of Establishment Division’s employees and cadres being managed by this Division)
  2. Designing Dual Career path for the Cadre and Non-Cadre Officers, either managed by or working in Establishment

Xi. Formulate overall human resources and/or capacity development plan for next 05 years.

Xii. Assess the existing institutional and managerial proficients of Establishment Division and support capacity development;

Xiii. Identify issues related to the welfare of civil servants and suggest improvements in the legal framework as well as operational aspects.

xiv. Technical advice on all the projects of the Division in line with the Federal

government’s policies and international best practices.

  1. To assist in the establishment of a research cell / Knowledge Management System in Establishment Division for quick retrieval and processing of information/data to draw inferences to resolve the problems in scientific manner.

xvi. Any other task assigned by the Secretary, Establishment Division.

Pay Package:

The Technical advisor shall receive pay package of MP-I Scale in accordance with the Management Scale Policy.


The Technical Advisor shall earn leave in accordance with the Management Scales Policy.

Conflict of interest:  

The candidate for appointment as Technical Advisor shall have to seek retirement from his existing Department and post or his appointment shall be subject to acceptance of resignation from designated authority and shall not, during his term of office, engage himself in any other service, business, vocation or employment which may have any direct or indirect effect on his performance as Technical Advisor.

Technical Advisor to be public servant:

The Technical Advisor appointed under these rules when acting or purporting to act in pursuance of any of the provisions of these rules shall be deemed to be a public servant within the meaning of section 21 of the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1980).

Termination of contract:

The contract of Technical Advisor may be terminated by giving one month’s notice on either side or payment of one month’s basic pay in lieu thereof.

Monitoring and evaluation:

The performance of Technical Advisor shall be monitored by Secretary and Minister In-charge. The Technical Advisor shall directly report to the Secretary, Establishment Division.

Applicability of other rules:

In respect of matters not specified here, the law, rules, policies, etc. applicable to the corresponding level of civil servants shall be applicable

Interested individuals may send their applications, CVs and all relevant education/experience certificates, including CNIC and one recent passport size photograph, within fifteen (15) days of publication of this advertisement at the below mentioned address clearly mentioning on the envelope the name of the position applied for.

Section Officer (Admn-I)
Room No. 3089,3rd Floor, Cabinet Block,
Establishment Division, Islamabad.
Ph: 051 -9103635


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